Willow Sculptures and Baskets



Baskets can be made to order, please contact me to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

As well as trays and baskets I make a  hip basket, for foraging, which is worn on a belt leaving your hands free to gather berries, fungi, herbs etc.                



£15-£35 trays

£25-£35 foraging basket

£25-£35 baskets

£40-£75 log baskets


Plant trainers

These are 'wigwams' used to grow climbing plants such as beans, sweet peas or clematis. They are usually between 5 feet and 6 feet high, and about two feet across, but can be made larger or smaller to meet your needs.


£15 - £30.


These are conical and come in a variety of sizes; they can crown your Christmas tree, add a magical touch to your garden, put several together and create your own fairy grotto, or they can be used  as plant trainers. 

The basic figure can be adapted to create a nativity scene with Mary, Joseph, shepherds and the 3 Kings gathered around the baby Jesus.  Any other ideas can be discussed and developed.


1’  £10

3’  £15

4’  £20


Garden Sculpture

Random woven figures can be made for your garden in the shape of a butterfly, pig, bird, dog, horse or swan.  The butterflies can be as large or small as you wish and the animals are between 2’ and 3’


From £20

                                                                                           Robinia Bark Dress