Lanterns and Processional Figures

Withies or willow sticks are used to create sculptures of varying complexity, either on their own or together with tissue paper, when they can be used to create lanterns or processional structures. These can be as large as time and imagination allow. In the past groups have created such figures as dragons, pirate ships, fish and an articulated crocodile.

People can work  on lanterns individually, or they can be involved in designing and making sculptures in groups, it is usually possible for several small groups to be involved throughout the design and construction process. 

Workshops range from one day, maybe creating one simple structure, to several day events creating a variety of different sculptures and forms, they are suitable for all ages and for students with special educational and mobility needs.  Working with the material helps to improve co-ordination and motor skills and also encourages team working.  Emphasis is on encouraging creativity within the group and helping each member make a contribution to the finished product.